4 Travel Mistakes which Add Fun to Your Travel

09 August  |  Listicles

There are times where unexpected developments totally derail your meticulously planned trip. Whether it is a foreign adventure or a day trip to Nandi Hills Bangalore, the unexpected can add some pleasant surprises and memorable experiences that you will cherish for a long time.

  1. Travel Alone

So the friend just ditched you on the eve of the trip. Of course you are miffed, but you need to get over it. Travelling alone opens up the world even further, as now you do not have to cater to another set of likes and dislikes. Impromptu meals and detours are the order of the day. The best part about travelling alone is that you meet more people. What can be a better way of experiencing a new destination than by interacting with the locals and getting a window into their daily lives? Your planned group getaway to a homestay in Masinagudi can suddenly be a cultural expose to the lifestyles of the forest if you take the trip alone.

  1. Forget Itinerary

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The itinerary can be a curse while travelling, simply because it prioritises time over the un-quantifiable experiences of discovery and satisfaction. If you skip the itinerary, you also break the shackles of having to “tick off boxes” and can afford to get lost in the moment. Keep a mental note and do things for your heart and mood. You may have lost the list of activities for your corporate day outing. That can lead to more spontaneous and natural ice-breaking fun.

  1. Miss Your Flight

Okay, this one is more of a silver lining, but eventually, you will get over the expenses. Missing a flight can end up in some really memorable transit. You are replacing a one hour shuttle with a ferry or a scenic cab ride, maybe a bus journey that will take you through some curious countryside stops. This probably applies if you are missing a short domestic flight. Don’t try it too often.

  1. Do not Plan

Get off the bed, pick up the backpack and throw in some extra shirts and inner wear. Yes, you are leaving town, and a minute ago this was not part of the plan. Call the boss, tell her you need a day off and step out of city limits. Unplanned trips remind us that we are free and independent beneath the chains of the daily routine. If you are doing this with friends, then it can be a more rewarding experience. Some good recommendations for impromptu Bangalore trips are resorts in Masinagudi and surrounding areas. Many resorts in Kanakapura Road also provide a perfect stage for those unplanned getaways.

A great journey is not a closed package, tied up with strings. The happiness you feel the most on a trip may not be that activity that you have been reading up on the net for ages, but something totally unwarranted and serendipitous. Take things as they come. Turn the miscalculations, the mistakes, and the forgotten items, into opportunities for beautiful moments.

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