4 Tips to Pack For Your Kid’s Summer Vacation

14 May  |  Listicles

The summer vacation is as much about the kids as it is for the parents. When choosing a destination, make sure that it is full of kid-friendly places so they can have the experience of their lives. Packing for a family vacation has its own challenges because of the different needs of each individual. These four tips can certainly help make it an easier process.

Make a Packing List

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Be organized. Have all the information on paper and tick off the stuff after you have double-checked. A packing list is a much better option than just remembering stuff. You are bound to forget, but at least if it is on the list you can check.

Make the Kids Help

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Kids should be involved in packing too. It will make them more responsible and there will be a few things that they need that you may have overlooked. It also avoids a situation where the children cannot find something while travelling and wails the blame on you. Packing is fun for the kids. They are full of anticipation and packing adds to that excitement.

Travel Light – Pick up Stuff on the Road

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You don’t necessarily need to pack everything. Basic research of your destination will tell you that there may be some stores there where you can get essentials. Bottled water is something that you can buy at any time on the way so you do not need to pack excess of that. The same goes for snacks. If you are heading to a hot destination, pick up t-shirts and hats there – don’t over-pack at home. They also make great usable souvenirs.

Charge your Devices

Let us face it. The kids will have a lot of energy throughout the trip and they can get restless. And you might just want to take a breather – after all, you cannot entertain them the entire duration. Thankfully, smart phones and tablets are a great way to keep children occupied. Make sure all your electronic gadgets are charged and loaded with the kid games that they love. Add multiple games because they might get disinterested with the same after a while. Add power banks to the luggage list.

Travel Essentials

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A family outing means you need to pack for different requirements. Momma might need her Kindle and the teenager of the house won’t go anywhere without his headphones. Daddy’s razor and the little munchkin’s Crocs can be just two of those many little things that they can’t do without. Travel essentials also include basics like toilet paper, wet wipes, and emergency medicines. Some of the meds you need to carry are those that prevent car-sickness and those that ease bad tummies, in case you got too adventurous at the dhaba.

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