36 people, 1 team. DV style.

02 November  |  Team Outing

36 individuals. Different nationalities. Different ideas. What can you do to turn them into a single team?

Among other things, pit them against a set of common challenges!

That’s what we did to the team from Hotelogix, a hospitality IT company. The team members were from different countries. Along with Indians, there were people from Latin America, Portugal and USA, which increased the diversity of the group. The agenda included team building activities with a dose of fun; members needed a chance to unwind while bonding with each other.

First up were our simple tasks: A to B, Hands and legs, and Sequence of 3. They set the tone for the day. People learnt to coordinate with each other, while enjoying a sense of camaraderie.

Then came the bigger challenges: Drums and Planks, and the High Elements Rope Course. In the former activity, participants need to use a set of planks and drums to cross from one virtual island to another. The activity is structured to resemble a crisis, from which people need to plan their escape. Time limits and pre-set conditions add to the challenge. Team members initially tried completing the task on their own, but soon realized the need to collaborate. Competition gave way to coordination.

Next was the Rope Course Challenge, one of the must-do activities at Discovery Village, Nandi Hills Valley. It involves walking on a swaying bridge made of ropes, planks and wires, almost 30 feet above the ground! Some of the Hotelogix team members were initially apprehensive about the walk, but with encouragement from our facilitators, completed it, thus facing their fears head-on. One of the women, who was initially in tears, was all jubilant by the time she finished the Rope Course. Impossible is truly nothing!

The team had some mesmerizing moments with our Drums Circle activity. All the members were given a drum and responded to the facilitator’s instructions, creating an orchestra-like effect. What could be a better example of a group functioning in harmony?

The participants were impressed with our unique approach to group activities. We were happy to host such a diverse group, which included people from different countries. Read more about it in the participants own words at:

Video courtesy: Team Hotelogi

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