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06 November  |  Listicles

Destination weddings have become the order of the day with most couples looking to make their special day extra special by choosing a location that will add on to the festivities.

While this idea seems to be exciting, to plan and shortlist an apt wedding destination can be a real challenge and ensuring that the event goes smoothly also requires a lot of time and effort.

While you can appoint an event manager to plan your wedding, this option is likely to be expensive and not feasible to all.

When it comes to making a wedding memorable, there are many resorts in Bangalore that play good hosts to a wedding party and help make the event a success.

Discovery Village is one place that is perfect for hosting this event, especially if you want an outdoor wedding.

Outdoor weddings and the scenic beauty they bring with them

The aura of an outdoor wedding is unmatchable, especially if the location is scenic. Taking vows with soft cool breeze blowing in the background, trees ruffling and birds singing is a magical feeling. At Discovery Village, the outdoor locations are amongst the best and when coupled with the tailor made wedding themes, you are guaranteed to have an evening with everlasting memories.

Reasons for picking DV as your Wedding destination

At Discovery Village, the effort is to make this important event extremely special and no stone is left unturned to ensure the same. In addition to the customized wedding set-up, Discovery Village resorts also boast of the following features which make it the best choice for your wedding:

  1. The amazing weather: DV resorts are located at places which are away from the city and amidst nature. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, then the resorts offer near perfect weather almost round the year.
  1. The stunning backdrop: DV resorts are located at some spectacularly scenic locations with stunning backdrops. Discovery Village has one of the best resorts in Nandi foothills with the hill itself as the back drop. For all the shutterbugs, there cannot be a better opportunity to get some real good pictures clicked.

  2. The fresh air: Away from the pollution of the city, the fresh air around the resort is going to relieve you of all the tensions and let you enjoy every moment of this wonderful event in your life.

  3. The setting: Spectacular surroundings coupled with theme based decoration and stage set-ups add to the festivities and set the tone for a grand wedding.
  4. More space: Discovery village properties have abundant spaces to host your wedding party. No matter the size of your guests, the resort is ready to provide a unique and different experience that will draw praises from one and all even long after the marriage event has concluded.
  5. Zero waste weddings: Discovery Village is all about responsible luxury. The facilities in the resort are built in an ecologically sustainable manner with eco-friendly architecture like rain water harvesting pit and use to renewable energy source amongst other things. At DV, we believe in zero waste weddings and do everything possible to reduce the carbon footprint. Is there any better way to start a new phase in your life than on such positive note?
    The entire team at DV is focused at making your event an affair to remember for long. The location of the resorts together with the hospitality will surely make this once in a life time event, a memorable one for your entire family.



Autumn calls for a road trip, doesn’t it?

06 November  |  Listicles
Image Source: What’s Up Life

The sun shining bright accompanied with a cool breeze signaling the end of summer. The trees which were at full bloom are ready to shed their leaves and create colorful pathways, inviting the winters to take over.

Doesn’t this seem to be the most ideal time to rev up your engines and embark on a memorable road trip with your near and dear ones?

Here are 8 places that are considered to be amongst the best road trips in the South.

  1. Kudremukh:

    Image Source: Thrillophilia

    Located at a distance of 330 km from Bangalore, Kudremukh is one of the highest peaks in Karnataka and offers serene views of the valley below. The road to Kudremukh traverses through dense jungles and towering hills that are blessed with fragrant breeze of the greenery around. A must have road trip!

  2. Medikeri:

    Image Source: Twitter

    MedikeriAnother hill station in Karnataka which is on the list of every travel enthusiast. What is striking about Medikeri is that the route to reach here is beaming with points of tourist interests. If you are driving from Bangalore, you can make pit-stop at Mysore, visit the Dubare elephant camp, pray at the Namdroling Monastery or drive through the Nagarhole National Park. Driving to Medikeri is one of the best fall road trips that you can have.

  3. Masinagudi:

    Image Source: Wild Planet Resort

    250 kms from Bangalore, Masinagudi is one of the five ranges in Mudumalai National Park in the Nilgiris and is known for its undisturbed greenery and a wide array of flora and fauna species. If you are looking to stay amidst the hills and the jungles, then Discovery Village is one of the best resorts in Masinagudi and a perfect place to set up your base.

  4. Hampi:

    Image Source: Tour My India

    If history is your cup of tea, then Hampi is the place to be. A historical city located on the banks of Tungabhadra River, Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is popular for its temples and ruins of the Vijayanagara Empire. You get to witness authentic countryside en-route this town.

  5. Kabini:

    Image Source: Kabini River Lodge

    If you want to spend a relaxing time with your family or friends, you have to stay in one of the jungle resorts in Kabini. The Discovery Village resort, located by the Kabini River is a perfect place spend some quality time in the lap of Mother Nature.

  6. Hassan:

    Image Source: Superb India Tours

    Knows as poor man’s Ooty, Hassan district provides a fine confluence of nature in the form of the splendid Bisle Ghat and Kaagunere Kote and religion through the famous Gommateshwara Statue at Shravanbelgola, the Shettihalli church and the Chennakeshava temple, all of which are within a driving distance of each other.

  7. Savandurga:

    Image Source: Thrillophilia

    A perfect spot for trekking, rock climbing and camping, Savandurga is one of the oldest single rock formations in Asia and is very close to the city of Bangalore. Travelers can enjoy mesmerizing sights of the Akravati River that is visible from the top of the hill. A fine place if you are looking for a short break.

  8. B R Hills:

    Image Source: Tour My India

    Also known as the Biligiriranga Hills, this nature hotspot is located at a distance of 90 km from Mysore and is famous for fishing, river rafting, trekking and wildlife spotting amongst other things. A perfect destination for a soothing road trip.

    Autumn is certainly the best time to go on a road trip. These places turn into every riders dream during the autumn season and should not be missed if you love driving across challenging yet refreshing terrains.

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