Fishing for the water lovers! Here are 5 spots you can check out

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Fishing is one of the most followed hobbies around the World. Waiting patiently for your catch to show up and then taking your trophy back home has a thrill of its own. If you are looking some really good places to go fishing in Karnataka, then you are definitely in for a treat.

Here is a list of places that are perfect for fishing and double up us great holiday destinations:

  1. Jakkur Lake:

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    Located just 20 KM’s away from Bengaluru, the Jakkur Lake is an apt place to hone your fishing skills. Once heavily polluted, the lake has now been successfully restored to its former glory and is a part of the integrated wetland system. The place is a renowned fish lovers spot thanks to a healthy population of fish here. Fishermen haul up-to 500 Kg’s per day during peak season, making it a haven for fishing.

  2. Ayyanakere Lake:

    Image Source: LBB

    If you want to enjoy an authentic fishing experience away from the hustle, bustle and pollution of the city then Ayyanakere Lake is the place to be. This second largest man-made lake in Karnataka is located amidst pristine mountains and plantations and is the perfect place to carry out recreational activities such as camping and fishing. Enjoy the beautiful sunrise while waiting to score a catch – sounds like a plan.

  3. Kabini River:

    Image Source: TripAdvisor

    A biodiversity hotspot in the heart of Karnataka, Kabini is also a great spot for fishing. There are various resorts in Kabini such as Discovery Village which make a great place to stay, especially if you want an authentic beach resort. The resorts here will also guide you to the best fishing spots and help you in reaching there. The best way to fish in Kabini is to hire a Coracle and ride to a place which has a high density of fishes.

  4. Nisargadhama:


    A forest island spread over an area of 64 acres in the Kaveri River, Nisargadhama is a famous tourist attraction in the Kodagu district of Karnataka. This island can be accessed via a hanging rope bridge and has cottages on stilts where you can stay and plan for a fishing expedition in the waters that have a dense population of these aquatic animals. In addition to fishing, travellers can also explore the beautiful island that is rich in flora and fauna.

  5. Dubare:

    Image Source: Wikipedia

    Predominantly a famous elephant camp, Dubare is a jungle retreat that hosts close to 150 elephants who are taken care of by the Karnataka forest department. In addition to the mammoth mammals and some picturesque surroundings, the tranquil waters of Dubare are a great spot for fishing too. If you are looking to spend some quality time relaxing amidst nature, then Dubare is a great place to unwind.

    Rapid urbanisation and dwindling water bodies have had their adverse impact on fishing. Thankfully, these places have remained more or less untouched and elusive from human activities making them great places to try your hand at fishing.


Rivers and Dams you just can’t miss in Karnataka

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Thanks to the sprawling Western Ghats running along its length, Karnataka is blessed with some mighty rivers that cut across the state, traversing through beautiful landscapes and giving life to abundant flora and fauna.

Karnataka also boasts of dams that are architectural marvels and have become some of the best places in Karnataka for tourism.

History of dams

The first known dam was build way back in 3000 BCE in Mesopotamia and was called the Jawa Dam. It was nothing short of an architectural marvel back then. Thanks to the wonders of engineering, dams became bigger and more imposing as time progressed and currently, Jinping-I, the highest dam in the World stands at a staggering 305 Mtrs. in height.

The primary purpose of dams has been to collect river waters to distribute them evenly for irrigation and prevent flooding. These structures now serve as an important source for the generation of electricity as well. Rivers and dams never fail to draw awe from the humans.

Here is a list of rivers and dams in Karnataka that are too good to be missed.

Cauvery River –

Image Source: Coorg Tourism

The mighty Cauvery rises in the Western Ghats and 805 KM’s later, empties into the Bay of Bengal. En-route, the river drops 98 Meters to form the famous Shivanasamudra falls which are a tourist hotspot and home to Asia’s first hydroelectric plant. Talakaveri, the origination point of this river is considered as a holy spot and is a must visit.

Krishna Raja Sagara Dam

Image Source: New Indian Express

Built on the Cauvery River, this dam is perhaps the most iconic of the tourist places in Karnataka as it hosts the famous Brindavan Gardens of Mysuru at its banks. The dam is frequented by more than a million visitors per annum and is a must visit in Karnataka.

Bhadra Dam:

Image Source: Daily Hunt

Located on the Bhadra River, a tributary of the Tungabhadra, the Bhadra dam and its surroundings are home to some of the most scenic spots in Karnataka. The famous Sharavati River that later drops into Jog falls passes from nearby this dam. This place is a sight to behold whenever the crest gates opened.

Harangi Dam:

Image Source: HolidayIQ

Harangi dam and reservoir are built on the Harangi River close to the famous hill station of Coorg. It becomes a tourist magnet during the rainy season, especially when the gates of the dam are opened to let the water out downstream.

Kabini River:

Image Source: Jungle lodges

The banks of the River Kabini are dotted with lush green forests and beautiful valleys making it a famous place for tourists. If you are looking for good resorts near Bangalore, then the resorts in Kabini are going to leave you spellbound. Discovery Village is one such resort that is perfect for people visiting the Kabini River.

Krishna River: One of the longest rivers in India, Krishna River originates in Maharashtra and flows into Karnataka before entering Telangana. The tributaries of this river, especially Tungabhadra are famous for tourist spots like Hampi in Karnataka and are frequented often by visitors from all over.

If you are a nature lover and are awed by how Humans and nature work in tandem, then the dams of Karnataka are surely going to enthrall you.

Outdoor Team Building with your teamies

29 October  |  Team Building

Office colleagues are an important part of a corporate life. As a professional, we spend almost 40% of our time in the office space interacting and working with our fellow employees on a regular basis. It is therefore very important to have a good connect amongst the team in order to have a productive and fruitful professional life.

Why is team building essential?

The success of an organization depends on how closely knit its team is. The relevance of having a strong team has increased multifold in the recent times with people from different educational backgrounds working together to deliver value addition to a customer. The importance of team building can be determined by the following benefits that it brings along:

  • Helps improve bonding between the team members by helping them to understand each other better
  • Motivates every employee and instills the spirit of being one big team
  • Increases collaborative spirit and encourages creativity
  • Helps minimize or eliminate communication gaps and enhances productivity

These points are enough to show the importance and the reason why every organization must focus on conducting team building activities.

How will the activities help you grow and make your team’s bonds strong?

Most corporate outings are aimed at allowing the employees to unwind from work stress and hit the refresh button. Such events particularly aim at ensuring that there are no hierarchies on that day and every employee mingles with others and gets to know each other personally as well.

Such an event will bring the team closer to each other by breaking the ice and diminishing any work ego.

At times, employees may not even get enough time in the office to know each other and that is when such team building activities come into play.

During such activities, the teams collaborate to work collectively to do well in the event without worrying about failure. This helps them build trust and empathy for each other, which will eventually reflect with increased co-operation and productivity in office.

Fun Team Building activities at DV
If you are looking for corporate day outing resorts in Bangalore to conduct a fun-filled team outing, then the Discovery Village resort should be your ideal choice. DV is one of the best resorts in Bangalore, especially when it comes to organizing and conducting team building activities.

There are various activities which are conducted by the experienced team at the resort. Some of the activities include Bazooka, Raft Building, Survival Camping, Cave Exploration, Paintball and Drum Jam, all of which are perfect for building a spirit of unity and oneness amongst the team members. These events are organized by DV in such a way that they will motivate the individuals which in turn will ensure enhanced performance at work.

DV offers multiple team building activities. One can either plan a day outing or stay overnight and enjoy the fun activities planned for the entire team.

There is no doubting the fact that team building activities help build a culture of unity and understanding among colleagues. Organizations should conduct such events regularly so that the temperament and motivation of the employees is always high.





Trekking for the mind and the body!

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Physical activity is a must for every individual. It not only keeps you physically fit, but also rejuvenates and re-energizes your mind to help you take on your daily tasks with refreshed enthusiasm.

While there are various activities that can be done on a daily basis to keep yourself fit, trekking is one physical activity that is sure to reset your body clock and bring you in sync with your natural surroundings.

What is trekking?

Simply put, trekking is a journey undertaken on foot to explore wilderness and nature. Trekking is an activity that can last for a few hours or extend up to a few days. Usually undertaken with a group of people, trekking provides a great opportunity to build new relationships and get to know more people, all of this in addition to working towards great physical fitness.

Five benefits of trekking

While it offers countless boons, here are the five key benefits of trekking:

  1. Peace of mind: Nothing soothes your mind better than being away from the hustle and bustle of the city and tensions of the routine life. Being away from pollution, restricting yourself from staring into electronics, eating limited, simple food and sharing a good laugh with your fellow trekkers, all of this is bound to make your mind thank you for giving it this break.
  2. Increases focus and productivity: Trekking impacts your overall productivity and concentration. While trekking, you need to cross difficult terrains, take unchartered routes and be aware of your surroundings as a team at all times. This ensures that you are focused on your task. Physically, trekking makes you agile and ready. All of this put together leads to increase in productivity and overall focus.
  3. Strengthens your bones: Trekking requires stretching, climbing, jumping and moving. Additionally, trekkers also carry their own supplies such as food, water, clothing, camping equipment’s etc. with them on the trek. These activities will help to add on to the bone density, strengthen shoulders and spine and ensure the overall bone fitness.
  4. Increases your metabolism: Exercising increases your metabolism by toning your muscles, burning fat and releasing hormones that aid in enhancing the metabolic activities in the body. Trekking involves a lot of body movement and exercise, eventually leading to an increased metabolism.
  5. Heals chronic back pain: If done rightly, trekking will strengthen you spinal cord, thanks to the weight that you carry on your back and the movements during the trek. However, you need to be careful to not carry too much weight on your back and make controlled maneuvers so as to protect your spine from injuries.
    Trekking at DV Resorts, why should you go for it?

    If you want to have an everlasting memory of your trek adventure, then Discovery Village is the place to be at. Discovery village has adventure resorts in Bangalore and around it which offer the perfect setting for trekking. If you are looking to merge trekking with your office offsite, then DV has one of the best resorts in Nandi hills, where you can participate in group trekking activities under the guidance of trained trekkers amidst beautiful landscapes. DV offers a perfect treat to those who want to enjoy trekking and soothe your mind and body.


Mysuru Dasara 2018: 5 things you must do!

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Dasara is one of the most popular and celebrated festivals in the country. The entire nation is decked up and ready to witness the victory of good over evil. People in different parts of India, celebrate this festival in their own way. Down South, the city of Mysuru becomes a spectacle during the time of Dasara. It attracts visitors from all over to witness the grand celebrations that last for nine days of Navaratri before culminating on the day of Vijaydashmi, or simply put, Dasara with a grand procession.

Mysuru Dasara is the state festival of Karnataka and is being celebrated since over 400 years.

Following are the 5 things you must do in Mysuru during the Dasara time:

  1. Visit the Dasara exhibition ground:
    Image Source: Youtube

    If you want to experience the thrill of a real Fair, then this is the place to be. Brimming with excited visitors, interesting artefacts and theme based set-ups on display and gleaming with decorated stalls selling all kinds of things, the Dasara exhibition ground is a must visit.

  2. Do a Tonga tour of Mysore –
    Image source: Flickr

    What else could be a more apt way to explore this royal city than to ride a tonga? You can hire a Tonga from various spots in the city and visit some of the major attractions, including the Mysuru palace in this horse drawn cart. Once done with sightseeing, you can relax and spend a good night at resorts near Mysore.

  3. Go for Dasara bombe mane:
    Image source: Star of Mysore


    A unique display of art, the Mysuru Bombe Mane is bound to leave you speechless as you make your way through thousands of miniature dolls at display. Bombe Mane, meaning Doll’s house is built on the concept of Gombe Habba or doll’s festival which takes place every year in Mysuru during Dasara. There are more than 3,000 dolls on display, with some of them being over 150 years old, made out of different materials and curated from all over the country. This exhibition is one thing that you should not be missing.

  4. How can you miss the Food Mela?
    Image Source: Lifehack

    If you are planning to do a day trip to Mysore before moving ahead to explore the hills of Madikeri or stay in one of the nature resorts in Kabini, you cannot miss the food mela that is held during these ten days. In this food festival, you can enjoy the tastes of India. Dishes from all around the country will surely satiate your appetite for scrumptious food. Local delicacies are a must have in this mela.

  5. A popular attraction for the locals: Wrestling Tournament:
    Image source: Deccan Herald

    When was the last time that you witnessed a bout of intense Kusti, a local form of wrestling where ‘pahalwaans’ take on each other in a clay ring, under the open skies amidst enthusiastic and cheering crowds. The Mysuru wrestling tournament is a grand event that is organized during Dasara with trained wrestlers competing to win the coveted title of the best wrestler and their supporters cheering for them with all their soul. An electrifying set-up that simply cannot be expressed in words.

    Dasara celebrations in Mysuru are like nowhere else in the country. The energy during these 10 days and the grandeur of the celebrations remain unparalleled.

10 Honeymoon spots to explore around Bangalore!

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Honeymoon is the most important event in the life of a married couple. It is an event that the two will cherish forever. It is therefore very important to choose the honeymoon destination very carefully and make sure that the setting is perfect for a memorable start to your marriage.

If you are looking for locations beyond the usual romantic places in Bangalore, then here is a list of ten exotic spots that will play the perfect host for your honeymoon.

  1. Sakleshpur:
    Image Source: Flickr

    If an offbeat, non-commercial location is where you want to go for your honeymoon, then Sakleshpur, a quaint hill town located amidst the mist covered hills of Western Ghats is the place. As a couple you can trek in the untouched forest reserves, visit the Manjarabad Fort and watch the beautiful sunset together.

  2. Horsley Hills:
    Image Source: MouthShut

    Located in the state of Andhra Pradesh and not far from Bangalore, Horsley hills are a series of hills that are blessed with jaw dropping views of the valley, rich flora and fauna and a sparse tourist population that leaves the beauty of the place un-spoilt, making it a perfect destination for your honeymoon.

  3. Ooty:
    Image source: Flickr

    Call it the king of all honeymoon locations, Ooty has been the go to destination for many couples since time immemorial. The majestic Nilgiris, the aromatic tea estates, the beautiful valley’s and the low hanging clouds, what else would you want for your honeymoon?

  4. Nandi Hills:
    Image Source: Flickr

    If you are looking to celebrate your honeymoon in resorts near Bangalore, then Nandi hills is the perfect place to go to. Nandi hills is an offbeat honey moon destination as it is not far away from Bangalore and yet has enough in store for the romantic couples like the beautiful views from hill top and the historical temples around. Discovery Village on Nandi Hills is one of the best resorts in Bangalore and is custom made for honeymoon couples.

  5. Coorg:
    Image Source: Flickr

    Scotland of the East, Coorg is a gem in the crown of the Western Ghats and a honeymoon paradise. In-spite of being a major tourist hub, Coorg still retains its mysticism and purity, making it an ideal destination for couples in love.

  6. Jog Falls:
    Image Source: BlogSpot

    It’s not a bad idea to make a wish for the longitivity of your love in front one of the highest waterfalls in India. Located in the heart of Karnataka, Jog falls are formed when the Sharavati River makes n 830 ft. deep plunge, creating misty water clouds that give a mesmerizing aura to the entire area around.

  7. Chikmagalur:
    Image Source: Wikimedia

    If you and your partner like waking up to the smell of coffee, then this place is going to be a heaven. Chikmagalur is also blessed with abundant natural habitat and has famous hills, forests, waterfalls and some breathtaking view points that are perfect to take you and your partner away from res of the world.

  8. Kabini:
    Image Source: Flickr

    The sound of exotic birds chirping and the soft humming of a river flowing by while you relax on a soft cot with your partner in the middle of dense jungle. Sounds exotic? It gets even better when you are actually there. Words are not sufficient to describe the beauty of Kabini. It is perfect for a honeymoon!

  9. Gundlupet:
    Image Source: Wikimedia

    Even imagined running around fields filled with endless rows of beautiful, yellow Marigold flowers? No you don’t have to go to Europe to experience this. A trip to Gundlupet, a town on the border of Kerala and Karnataka is a sight to behold and a perfect place for honeymoon.

  10. Bheemeshwari:
    Image Source: Blogspot

    If you are an adventure loving couple and want to have a honeymoon filled with activities such as river crossing, trekking, camping and other adventurous activities, then Bheemeshwari is the place to make your honeymoon no less that a dream come true.

    If you are looking for an apt honeymoon destination near Bangalore, then these are certainly the best amongst the lot that deserve to host this special period of your life and turn it into a memory which will last for ever.

A journey to experience nature

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Who does not love nature? The very thought of relaxing beside sparkling beach waters, bathing in cold waterfalls, lazing away amidst lush green forests or breathing the fresh air of the mountains makes you want to leave the chaos of cities and head on a journey to experience nature.

South India offers some of the most pristine and untouched landscapes that are blessed with nature’s bounty and are perfect to undertake a journey to nature’s offerings.

Here are some of the must visit places if you want to experience the nature at its best:

  1. Nandi Hills: Located at a distance of 60 KM’s from the city of Bangalore, Nandi Hills is the right place to be if you do not want to drive too far away from the city and yet experience nature’s bliss. The spectacular view from the top coupled with the fact that this hill is the source of origination for two rivers makes it a masterpiece for nature lovers. You can also plan a night trip and spend your time in the resorts near Nandi Hills. Some of the resorts also offer adventure activities and is perfect for those who want to have a nature with adventure theme to their outing.

    image source: Flickr
  2. Kabini: If bird watching and wildlife spotting is your thing, then Kabini is the place to be. The Kabini river flows through some of the densest and untouched forests of Karnataka and Kerala providing great sighting opportunities to the nature enthusiasts. Wildlife resorts in Kabini that provide outstanding nature views are the ideal place to set up your camp when holidaying here. This is as close as you can get to Mother Nature.

    image source: Wikimedia
  3. Mangalore: Nature here presents herself in the form of beautiful beaches alongside the Arabian Sea. Nestled between the majestic Western Ghats and the sea, Mangalore is ideal for those who want to experience nature but also want to have a bit of city life and not to forget delicious seafood.

    image source: Flickr
  4. Wayanad: If Kerala God’s own country, Wayanad has to be its most treasured masterpiece. Forests, wildlife, waterfalls, rivers, you name it you have it. What you also get as a bonus are long, winding roads cutting across mist filled hills and acres of tea estates and the sweet smell of coffee beans from coffee plantations. If you are a nature lover, visiting Wayanad will be a treat to your senses.

    image source: Wikipedia
  5. viewpoints that offer splendid panoramic views of the Ghats. You can stay in one of the numerous homestays or check-in to one of the hill resorts and experience nature at your doorstep.
    image source: Wikipedia

    The more you are amidst nature, the more you discover yourself. The best way to soak in the beauty offered at all these places is to travel by road. The biggest advantage of using the road is that you can travel as and when you like. Detours, unplanned pit-stops and unexplored routes, the fun of discovering yourself by getting lost in the wilderness is something that will stay forever with you.  

Best cycling routes in South India

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South India is a land of abundance. Blessed with nature’s bounty in the form of beautiful landscapes, lush green forests, fresh air and crystal clear water bodies, it is a place that attracts tourists from all over.

Taking a road trip across the southern states is one of the best ways to explore and experience its unique culture and soak in the beauty and freshness it has to offer.

While long drives and bike rides are the most preferred modes of going on a road trip, cycling to your destination is sure to create some wonderful memories, especially when the trip is in the company of your near and dear ones.

Here is a list of the best cycling routes in south India that every cycling enthusiast must plan to travel on.

  1. Bangalore to Nandi Hills: If you are looking for an adventure cycling trip, then cycling from Bangalore to Nandi hills should be on your list. The distance between the two is 60 KM’s where the landscape quickly changes from a busy urban conglomerate to peaceful countryside. Cycling from the base to the top of the hill is sure to make you break a sweat, but the cool breeze and the views from the top make the journey worth it. You can also plan an overnight stay in one of the resorts in Nandi hills.

    image source: Pinterest
  2. Bangalore to Kannur: Bangalore is a gateway to the south and a perfect place to begin your cycling trip to Kannur, a town nestled in between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats. The distance between the two is about 320 KM’s, and the route is covered with mesmerising views of hills and forests. Mysuru is a major town that lies in between where you can relax and get your cycle serviced before re-commencing the journey.

    image source: Youtube
  3. Munnar to Annamalai: A distance of 200 KM’s that should take 4-5 days to cover, this cycling trail showcases the best of two south Indian states, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. In addition to the lush green forests, the route is dotted with beautiful tea estates, sandalwood forests, small villages and iconic temples.

    image source: Wikimedia
  4. Bangalore to Goa: When in South, you just can’t stay away from Bangalore. For those who do not live in this city, spending a night in one of the fine resorts in Bangalore before kick-starting a fun-filled cycle ride to Goa is a good way to get your spirits high early on. The distance between the two places is about 600 KM’s, and cyclers should take the coastal route, travelling from Bangalore to Gokarna and then up towards Goa. With the Western Ghats on one side and the sparkling Arabian Sea on the other, riders are sure to have some heavenly company all the way.

    image source: Wikimedia
  5. Chennai to Pondicherry: Another coastal route, from the megacity Chennai to the erstwhile French colony Pondicherry. 155 KM’s in total, the route offers scenic views of the Bay of Bengal. Riders can make a pit stop at the historical, temple town of Mahabalipuram and Mandavai before reaching Pondicherry.
    image source: Wikimedia

    It is the journey that matters and not the destination, goes the popular saying. A cycling road trip down south will leave you refreshed, energized, rejuvenated and craving for more.

How to click/create perfect travel photographs:

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Image source: pixnio

Clicking pictures is a great way to freeze your memorable moments so that you can re-visit and cherish the good times later. Thanks to the advancement in technology, the camera’s today can produce stunning, real-life pictures that capture the tiniest of details with perfection.

While the camera is doing its job well, the creativity part has to be taken care of by the photographer. Clicking theme bases pictures that give a message, exploring new angles, understanding how light works are some of the nuances that every photographer must understand especially while doing travel photography.

Here are tips and tricks that will help you click perfect travel photographs:

  1. Knowing what you want to show: When you are travelling, you will come across many landscapes, sceneries and people that can be clicked. However, in order to make your picture speak, you need to be clear about what you want to convey through your photo. Understand what will be the central theme of your picture and focus your camera to bring that object/person to prominence. Use the depth of field concept to focus on the key elements of the picture.

    Image source: pixnio
  2. Playing with angles: The key to clicking perfect photos is by exploring new angles with your camera. Giving the viewer a new perspective of the same old thing will attract appreciation from the audience. Don’t be afraid to explore and click the same object from different angles. Most monuments or popular places are clicked numerous times by travellers in the same way. In order to stand out and click a creative travel photo, angles are going to be your best companions.

    Image source: pixnio
  3.  At the right place, at the right time: Natural light plays a very important role in photography and it becomes even more critical when you are a travel photographer as the scope for artificial lighting is limited. Knowing the weather forecast in advance will be of help. Also, you can use the weather in your stride. For example, when capturing a barren landscape, patchy sky with intermittent cloud cover will add gradient to the whole set-up and make the picture look livelier. When your photo includes people, it is best to find a shaded place from where the picture can be taken. The ideal position to click a picture is to have the sun behind you unless you are capturing a sunrise or sunset shot of-course.

    Image source: pixnio
  4.  Go to a scenic location: Well, a scenic location is the easiest way to capture stunning photos without much effort. Snow-capped mountains, dense jungles, lush green fields and unique urban landscapes are some of the places that will offer great photo opportunities.

    Image source: pixnio
  5. Break the monotony: Do not restrict yourself to one category of pictures. While travelling, you come across contrasting geographies, diverse cultures and vibrant landscapes where you can find serenity, action, calm chaos and other such situations alike. Let your camera click all the unique experiences that come your way. South India offers some great photography opportunities. You can stay in one of the jungle resorts in Kabini, or find a hotel on the east coast beaches that offer amazing sceneries and scenarios and let the shutterbug in you take over.

    Image source: pixnio

How to plan collaboration activities for team building

04 October  |  Team Building

Team building activities are an important part of any corporate organisation. Such events create enthusiasm amongst the employees and promote the feeling of unity and collaboration within the team members. Collaboration activities need immaculate planning so that they are entertaining and at the same time serve their intended purpose of establishing strong connections between the participants and promote teamwork. Most organisations have dedicated teams to plan out such events and make them a success. Creative, out of the box thinking is required on the part of the planners to plan an exciting and meaningful team building session.

Following are some of the key factors to be kept in mind while planning collaboration activities for team building:

  1. Get out of the office: The first rule of planning a team building activity is to step out of the office environment and let loose. There are many resorts in Bangalore where you can have a corporate team. An offsite will let the employees to leave their office worries behind, and this will help to bond better.
  2. Select an off-beat location for the offsite: Logistics permitting, there is no better way to celebrate your hard work than going to an off-beat location away from the city. Pick up a theme for your offsite and finalize the location basis that. There are some fantastic resorts in Kabini that offer a great atmosphere for a corporate outing and team building activities. The calm and cool environment in the forest is sure to soothe the nerves and promote the feeling of collaboration.
  3. Plan adventurous team building activities: Clichéd table games played in closed doors are a thing of past. The whole purpose of getting out of the office is to enjoy an open environment. Adding a flavour of adventure to the team building activities will certainly serve as a good platform to build collaboration. Adventurous activities like trekking, zorbing, hill climbing, paintball are some of the fun-filled events that can be organised with the entire team participating in them. Discovery Village, a resort near Bangalore also offers some creative, unique and fun-filled team building activities that are aimed at promoting collaboration and team spirit amongst the individuals.

    It’s not always about winning: The idea is to build collaboration and not to compete. In addition to the games and adventure activities, also plan events such as group yoga, jamming sessions, team dinner, motivation sessions and such activities where the entire team can participate as one. This will surely help the individuals to bond better. Every organization should plan and have team building activities and collaboration sessions at frequent intervals. Firstly, it gives a break to the employees from the mundane activities of the office, rejuvenates and motivates them and most importantly, allows them to get to know each other at a personal level. such activities aid in building trust amongst each other, the benefits of which will reflect in their daily work with an increase in productivity and collaboration.


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