5 places to traverse near Kanakpura

27 February  |  Listicles

If you are looking forward to exploring some offbeat locations near Bangalore over an extended weekend, then look no further than the regions near Kanakpura. The town of Kanakpura is easy to access from Bangalore via Kanakpura road or by taking the NICE road. The best places to visit near Kanakpura are accessible year round but are breath-taking during the monsoon when the rivers are swollen and the greenery is vibrant.

     1.  Arkavati River

The Arkavati River originates at Nandi Hills and merges with the Cauvery river at Sangama. Sangama and Mekedatu are the most awe-inspiring sights in the state of Karnataka. The two rivers at Sangama have different densities and colors and is a joy to cross after a particularly bountiful monsoon. Coracle boats dot the banks and will help you traverse for a nominal charge. 3.5km from Sangama is Mekedatu which is a narrow and deep gorge and is among the most popular Kanakpura tourist places. The river rushes across this point making it a lovely spot to view the might of nature.


Photo Credit: Discovery Village

     2.  Kallahalli Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple

The Kallahalli Temple is also known as small Tirupati and houses a 7000-year-old idol of Sri Venkateshwara Swamy. One must visit this temple during the Maha Brahma Ratotsava or the Chariot Festival where the main idol is placed on a large and ornate chariot which is then carried across the area around the temple. It is said that Lord Venkateshwara leaves Tirupathi to traverse through time and space in order to become one with the idol at Kallahalli. Booking resorts near Bangalore gives you the flexibility to visit all these temples at your leisure.


Photo Credit: Think Bangalore

    3.  Turahalli Forest Viewpoint off Kanakapura road

A great place for the adventurous, Turahalli forest ideal for anyone interested in hiking, cycling, or rock climbing. This forest has managed to stay off the grid with only a few visitors making a beeline for the same. This means that there are no hawkers allowing the place to stay clean with no garbage littering the place. At the viewpoint is a small temple amongst some boulders and greenery and gives you stunning views of the city. Book the best resorts in Bangalore and plan your visit so that you can catch the sunset from this vantage point.


Photo Credits: Road Trips -Bangalore

     4.   Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta

Popularly known as BR Hills, this site is a wonder of nature. With a delicate ecosystem that is protected by the forest department, the region is thriving with local flora and fauna. The best time to visit BR Hills is during the monsoon when there will be a fine drizzle to accompany your many walks through nature. However, you must take care to not walk around alone in the evening once it becomes dark, as there are predatory animals residing in the forest. Another place to visit in the hills is the temple which has stunning views of the area.


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     5.   Chunchi Falls Kanakpura

The Chunchi falls is located on the banks of the Arkavati River before Sangama. The area around the falls is covered by a deciduous forest which comes alive during the monsoon season. Near the waterfall is a watchtower from which you will be able to enjoy a 360 degree of the rocky terrain.


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Resorts in Kanakpura Road welcome travellers to the area with modern amenities which are designed to make your stay a memorable one.

5 Innovative activities for Outbound Training

27 February  |  Team Outing

For those of you who have not been part of the corporate culture for too long, Outbound Training might sound like a course on how to live in the great outback. This cannot be further from reality. Outbound training is a set of outdoor activities organized at some of the best resorts in Bangalore that are aimed to increase efficiency and productivity of employees. If you are a team manager or are responsible for a bunch of professionals or even students in your class, then it is well worth your time to think about outbound training activities to strengthen your team.

The outbound training benefits are many and these include an improvement of leadership skills, communication, trust, and even better teamwork. While there are many resorts in Bangalore for team outing that offer specialized outbound training activities, you must look at these five unique activities that will leave a positive mark on your employees.

   1.  Water Volleyball


Photo credit: LA84 Foundation

We all remember those summer holidays when rows upon rows of balloons would be filled with water after which a water balloon fight would erupt. Water volleyball takes the same delight of working with water-filled spheres and adapts it to a new and more exciting challenge.

The participants are divided into two teams who stand on either side of a volleyball net. Each team is given a large satin cloth which they must use to throw and catch the water balloons. One team will use the cloth to launch a water balloon which the other team must catch it using their cloth. This continues back and forth until a team moves too slowly and the water balloon brakes on someone.

   2.  Blind Square


Photo Creative: Discovery Village

This game is built to open up discussions around teamwork and the challenges and frustrations of working in a team. The participants are made to stand around in a circle with an arm’s length between the participants. They are then blindfold and a loop of rope will be placed on the open palms of each contestant. The participants must work together to create the perfect square. Each side must be equal and at no time can the participants remove their blindfold or let go of the rope. After the group decides that they have formed the perfect square, they must lay the rope on the ground and remove their blindfold in order to see how they’ve done. After this, a series of questions regarding the team exercise should open up an honest discussion.

   3.  Helium Stick


Photo Credit: Discovery Village

This is a deceptively simple activity that reinforces the importance of working together. Divide the group to line up into two rows facing each other. Everyone must extend their hands with the index fingers pointing outward. Align the fingers and place the Helium Stick (a simple, long, thin stick) on the index fingers such that it is parallel to the ground. The rules are simple. The aim of the activity is to lower the stick onto the ground while the index fingers remain in constant contact with the stick. Keep a watch out for people pinching or holding the stick. Once the activity begins, participants will be surprised to find that the stick is moving upwards! This is because, in an effort to keep balance the stick on the index finger, and to keep in constant contact with the stick, the stick tends to move upwards. Once your team begins to concentrate and focus and work together, they should be able to lower the stick.

   4.  Twister


Photo Credit: Discovery Village

This is an oldie but goldie with a twist! Follow the traditional rules of the Twister game but add elements of teamwork to make this game more interesting. Divide the group into teams who will elect one member to actually twist on the Twister mat. The rest of the team will be in charge of solving any clues or puzzles before which the team member on the mat will not be allowed to make a move.

   5.  Three Island


Photo Credit: Discovery Village

This activity is ideal for a large group. Divide the participants into two teams and have three subgroups within each team. Each subgroup will be given separate sets of instructions and different end goals. Each subgroup must also help the other groups to achieve their task without violating any of their instructions. Once all the tasks are complete, then the team has finished its activity. The team to finish the activity first, or fastest, wins. The possibilities with this type of set up are endless and you can try various themes from tech to physical activities to even cooking challenges.

The options for outbound training in Bangalore are limitless with only your imagination curtailing your options. If you are planning a team outing, check for a Nandi hills resort price which suits your budget, and enjoy a getaway with your colleagues.

All You Need To Know About Outbound Training Program

20 February  |  Listicles

Have you noticed that some of the best resorts in Bangalore end up hosting office team building exercises? There was a time when company sponsored retreats were few and often dismissed as a fad. However, these days, we see numerous enterprises conducting corporate outbound training on a regular basis as it brings results.

What Is Outbound Training Program?

Outbound training is a method of improving the productivity of employees through outdoor experiences rather than at the worksite. Based on the science of experiential learning, it helps employees learn by reflecting on their experiences and critical analysis. It has the same effect on an individual as on the job training, simulator training and role-playing. The Outbound training activities list is vast and consists games such as Blind Square, helium stick, twister, and many others. The training program is based on scientific research and is not a random assortment of outdoor activities. The activities incorporate concepts and techniques such as lateral thinking and David Kolb’s experiential learning model.

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Why is Outbound Training Important?

Why is it that you get trained better from resorts in Bangalore for team outing than at the office? It is because an office environment hampers creativity as the mind feels stifled and is closed to a new perspective. Also, some of us may get sleepy sitting stationary and fail to derive the full benefits of the training program. A neutral and new environment, one which is surrounded by greenery, lets the mind come out of its shell. It helps you identify performance enhancing behaviour which will become apparent during the training. This needs to be registered and repeated. At the same time, negative behaviour can also be identified and discouraged.

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How It Can Make A Difference In Your Day To Day Work At Office?

Outbound training works on different skills such as leadership, interpersonal communication, motivation and creativity. On an average, half a day can address two learning objectives. Taking up more activities in a single day can saturate the learning process and become counter-productive. It is up to the Human Resources to talk to the managers and find out the areas of skill development. This is then relayed to the training agency which compiles an outbound training program to suit the company objectives.

Below are some of the effects that you can see after the training programme:

  • The activities are designed in such a way that it fosters a sense of camaraderie among its participants.
  • There is no solution that is given to the participants when taking up an activity. It is up to you and your co-workers to find a way out through planning. This helps in improvisation and skill development.
  • It helps build up a team spirit which can help the business attain their objectives through synergy.

Photo Credit: Discovery Village

Note that one outbound training session is not enough, and feedback is required. If companies take you to the best corporate resorts, they need to do it often to capitalize on the outbound training.

Nandi Habba on March 4th 2018

20 February  |  Miscellaneous

Nandi Habba 2018 Event: www.nandihabba.com
Date: Sunday, 4th March 2018, 6.30 AM Onwards

Nandi Hills is the go-to place for Bangaloreans when looking for an ultra-quick getaway from the city. Only 35km from the Kempegowda International Airport, Nandi Hills is an ancient hill formation with a deep and rich history. Some of the best resorts in Bangalore are at Nandi Hills, and the primary attraction of the locale is the awe-inspiring nature on display so close to the hustle and bustle of Bangalore City.

Photo Credit: MTV India

What is Nandi Habba?

Nandi Habba is a day-long festival that celebrates the heritage and culture of Nandi Hills with a Marathon, Heritage Walk, Nature Walk, Yoga, and Cyclothon. This festival is designed to educate people on the richness of the history and the flora and fauna of the area. Pick one of the resorts in Nandi Hills and participate in this Habba which will also host a bunch of santhes or flea markets in order to promote the livelihood of the local populace.

Photo Credit: Discovery Village

Why it is celebrated?

Nandi Habba is conceived as a joint collaboration by United Way of Bengaluru, Discovery Village, and Nandi Walks amongst others in order to bring to the forefront the various historical and cultural aspects of the region including the amazing biodiversity. The hills are home to many architectural gems dating back to the Chola dynasty and the Habba looks to make this history more palatable to the public. The Habba is also using funds to implement four long-term projects that will secure the ecosystem of the area. These projects include afforestation drives, rejuvenation of lakes, solid waste management of the local population, and a system to check the growth of the trees in the area.

Photo credit: LBB

How can you be a part of this year’s Nandi Habba?

There are many ways you can be a part of Nandi Habba 2018. Since the drive is to educate people on the ecosystem of the hills, you should keep in mind to keep the waste you produce to a minimum. Even if you are conscientious about throwing waste in a garbage bin, the ecosystem of this biodiverse region is fragile and cannot take the overburdening of its resources. So the first step would be to reduce waste overall. Do not bring in food wrapped in plastic or plastic water bottles. The Habba will be roping the BMTC service for drops at the foothills from where you can hire cycles to explore the area. This way you can cut down on pollution by leaving your car at home.

Once you get to Nandi Hills, you can sign up for the MarathonHeritage Walk, Nature Walk, Yoga or the Cyclothon. The Heritage walk, for example, will cover the Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple at the foothills and move on to the British cemetery, and a silk-weaving loom, giving you a rare glimpse into history at different periods of time.

Photo Credit: Discovery Village

Nandi Hills is a beloved getaway spot of Bangaloreans and the Nandi Habba gives them more reason and avenues to enjoy this venerable tourist spot. The Nandi Habba is a great way to educate people on not just the history of Nandi Hills but also the effort required by the government and the citizens in order to keep up the health of the ecosystem of the region. So book a Nandi Hills stay at one of the premier resorts in the area, and participate in this one-of-a-kind festival.

To participate in the event, Register Here

5 Tips for Planning the Dream Destination Wedding

08 February  |  Listicles

A lot of effort goes into making a wedding event memorable. A wedding in India is an important event where the entire family and friends come under one roof to celebrate the special occasion. For the hosts, it becomes a matter of pride to have a dream wedding which is remembered for a long time. You don’t need a destination wedding planning guide or be a professional to make your event successful.

Here are some simple tips to make your destination wedding a memorable one.

1. Book your marriage destination in advance:

The destination holds the key to a grand wedding. In India, the wedding season is marked by a substantial number of couples taking the vows of eternity, which makes finding a good place very difficult. Booking the marriage destination should be the first item on your destination-wedding checklist. Advance bookings will not only give a cost advantage, they will also allow you to plan the wedding ceremonies and functions, down to the last detail, and avoid last minute tension and rush.

Photo credits: .Cntraveller

2. Select an appropriate decoration:

Select a theme and decoration which is in sync with the wedding resort selected. This will not only make the location more relevant but will also allow you to enjoy the place to the fullest. If you plan to book Kabini resorts in the jungles of Kabini, then going for a theme which is in sync with nature, like a tropical setting, is most appropriate.

Photo credits: Discovery Village

3. Choose a dress that fits the destination:

The idea of a destination wedding is to submerge yourself in the beauty of the place. If you have planned a beach destination, then the dressing should be in line with the surroundings. Similarly, if the wedding is in a royal setting, then the dress should be heavy and match with the royal theme.

Photo Credits: The Wedding Brigade.

4. Put local food options on the menu:

Adding local cuisine to the wedding menu will give the guests a taste of local flavour and also help you save on the destination wedding cost since the local chefs will be able to prepare the dishes easily.
As the famous saying goes, the route to heart passes through the stomach, food is one item which people cherish and remember the most at a wedding. Good food is the key to make any event a memorable one. Hence, pay extra attention to the quality and mix of food items in the wedding.

Photo credits: The Better India

5. Schedule time to relax:

Most marriages end up becoming tiring with back to back ceremonies and events, leaving little time for people to relax and enjoy the destination. Plan a schedule which offers some time to relax and soak in the pleasures offered by the location. Resorts in Bangalore, like most other places, offer a lot of adventure activities, sports facilities and water slides within the resort premises itself. Setting up a sports competition between the bride and the groom side or conducting some fun games between the two parties can be a good ice-breaker session which will be enjoyed by everyone.

Photo credits: Fliker

A destination wedding requires careful planning and an even better execution to make the wedding an event to remember for life. By taking these small yet simple steps, you can ensure that your wedding ceremony will be cherished by all the guests for the years to come.

Nature helps you connect with loved ones better

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Valentine’s Day is a good way of expressing love to your near and dear ones and spending some quality time with them. While many people, especially couples prefer going to restaurants or catching up on a movie on this day, celebrating this special day amidst nature is also a good way to strengthen the bond between your loved ones.

Photo credits: Favim.Com

Why celebrating valentines around nature is an option for couples

If you are looking for unique Valentine’s Day ideas to spend some good time celebrating the day then planning a trip to a place which is blessed with the bounty of nature can be a good idea. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, having some time off with your loved ones in the lap of nature is sure to make your relationship even more strong. Heading to parks, gardens and jungle resorts are some of the best ways to spend the day. Bond with your valentine while you take an adventurous walk in the jungle or go together on a lovely walk in a park.

Most of us are so occupied in our daily lives with the routine work that we forget to connect with those who form an important part of our life. Nature provides the perfect opportunity to unwind, relax and slow down the fast paced city life. Away from mobile phones and laptops, you get ample time to catch up and walk down the memory lane with your Valentine.

There are many resorts near Bangalore which are situated amidst nature. Some of the best resorts in Kabini offer great Valentine’s Day package for those of you who want to make the most of this day in the beautiful and adventurous jungles of Kabini.

Photo credits: Discovery Village

Couples with children get to go outdoors etc.

For couples with children, getting to go outdoors and relax is a luxury which is hard to come by. Most couples are occupied with work, followed by taking care of their children. The daily chores of school and studies keep the children too occupied to do anything else. This hardly leaves any time to go on an outing with family and friends. Taking your kids out is one of the best Valentine’s gifts that can be given to your beloved ones. Plan a day outing with all your friends, their spouses and kids in resorts in Kanakapura road which offer a great getaway with adventure activities for kids and grown-ups alike.

Photo Credits: Daily Post

The benefits of spending time in natural surroundings are abundant. Be it reducing stress levels, supplying fresh air to the body organs, lowering stress hormone levels in the body or giving some down time to the body and brain to recharge, nature has a way to ensure your well-being in every possible manner. A calm and peaceful soul leads to a life filled with happiness and love. It is a great opportunity for couples who feel disconnected to each other to re-kindle the love between them.
Embrace nature this Valentine’s day and feel it embrace you back with all the love and care.

5 Destinations in Karnataka to host your dream wedding

05 February  |  Listicles

A Wedding is one of the most important events in the life of any individual. Wedding marks the beginning of a new phase in life, not only for the bride and groom, but for all the near and dear ones as well. This once-in-a-lifetime event deserves to be celebrated with all the pomp one’s heart desires, and Karnataka is the place to be if you are searching for your dream wedding destination in south India.

1. Nandi Valley:

Photo credit: Discovery Village

Hills covered in clouds and mist are a dream backdrop for a nature-lover’s wedding. The good news is that you don’t have to go all the way to the Himalayas to experience this magic. The Nandi Valley, with Nandi hills in the backdrop is an ideal location to tie the knot of eternity with your loved one. The picturesque backdrops provide ample opportunities to the shutterbugs and selfie lovers, to click and preserve memories of the D-day. Nandi Valley also has some of the best resorts near Bangalore which can host all the wedding events seamlessly.

2. Kabini:

Pic Credit: Myshaadiwale

If you are a nature enthusiast and dream of a wedding amidst the arms of mother nature, then getting married in a jungle is the thing to do for you! The latest rage amongst couples looking for unorthodox destination wedding places in Karnataka a wedding near Kabini River is fast becoming a preferred choice. The cool winds of the forest and the soft trickle of the river are sure to make the couple fall in love all over again. Some of the best resorts in Kabini offer customized wedding experiences. Taking your vows amidst nature in its purest form will truly be an experience to cherish for your entire life.

3. Kanakapura:

Photo credit: Discovery Village

If you are looking for a destination wedding within the Bangalore city limits, then the resorts in Kanakapura road are best suited for your requirements. Luxurious yet simple is the mantra for weddings at Kanakapura. Situated amidst natural wonders like the Chunchi waterfalls and unique geological formations of Mekadatu, Kanakapura provides exclusive backdrops for a stylish pre-wedding photoshoot and a memorable wedding event too.

4. Mysore Palace:

Photo credit: Digitalrev

For those who dream of a fairytale wedding, Mysore, the city of palaces is the best place for a destination wedding. Indian weddings, laced with fervor and intense celebrations that continue for days are nothing short of a royal event. Getting married with the Mysore Palace in the background is definitely an elite and exclusive way to kick-start this wonderful new phase of your life.

5. Bangalore Palace

Photo credit: Weddingplz

Bangalore palace is a preferred location for destination wedding for couples. Situated right in the heart of Bangalore, within the vicinity of an international airport and railway station, the palace is the best place to add a feeler of royalty to your special day. You can hire wedding planners in Bangalore to conduct a theme-based series of events to make the day more exciting and memorable.
As the old saying goes – marriages are made in heaven, but to immortalize the special moment forever, there is no better place than Karnataka.

Places to visit in Karnataka on long weekends

05 February  |  Adventure & Travel

Thanks to its abundant natural and man-made wonders, Karnataka, which is a melting pot of cultures and traditions is also a perfect for a getaway from your daily routine, especially during long weekends. Here are some of the top places to visit in the state:

1. Mysore Palace:

Photo credit: The Hindu

Not too many palaces in the country can boast of the royalty and grandeur like the Mysore Palace. The official residence of the Wadiyar dynasty and the seat of the erstwhile kingdom of Mysore, the Palace today attracts more than 3 million visitors every year.
The various sections of the palace are architectural masterpieces with buildings carved with intricate and artistic designs depicting the rich culture and artisan expertise of India. While the Palace itself is a sight to behold, it becomes an ocean of light on Sundays and public holidays when the entire palace is illuminated with more than 90,000 lights. Mysore Palace is an ideal place to visit for those who want to do a one day trip near Bangalore.

2. Abbey Falls in Coorg:

Photo credit: Mouthshut

Hidden in the lush green environs of Western Ghats, Abbey falls become a sight to behold during the monsoons with white sparkling water gushing down the hill slope, soaking everyone in the vicinity with its spray of water. The aroma from the nearby coffee plantations combined with a surreal view of the falls is sure to mesmerize every visitor.

3. Nandi Valley:

Photo credit: Discovery Village

One of the best places to visit near Bangalore, Nandi Valley is a bustling tourist center where adventure seekers and nature lovers come together to enjoy this nature’s bounty. If you are looking for resorts in Bangalore for team outing, Nandi Valley has plenty to offer. The valley has a thriving winery business where you can take a tour and understand the nuances of wine production and tasting. Climb up steps built for kings and rest in quaint alcoves from a bygone era as you trek up the hill soaking in the breathtaking scenery. A much deserved toast to end a productive week indeed.

4. Kabini River:

Photo credit: Tourist Location

Kabini is the perfect place for those who wish to spend their long weekends rejuvenating in the tranquility offered by nature. Places to visit in Kabini include the large expanse of forest reserves and Nagarhole national park which are popular wildlife destinations. Boat rides, jungle treks and wildlife safaris are some of the activities which will keep you engaged. There is no dearth of luxury resorts and jungle lodges in Kabini, nature enthusiasts can explore various Kabini resorts packages to make the most out of your holiday.

5. Kanakapura:

Photo credit: Discovery Village

There are few Bangalore tourist places which carry the charm of Kanakapura. Nestled in the lush green forests of Karnataka, Kanakapura is a renowned camping site near Bangalore. The unique geological formations of Mekadattu, the eternal Chunchi falls and the mesmerizing views from the peak of Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta, the highest point in the area make it a perfect spot for hiking and trekking activities during the weekend. There are various resorts in Kanakapura road promise comfortable and adventurous camping and trekking experiences.
Whether you are a true-blue Bangalorean or are on a trip to this enticing city, exploring the many attractions in the vicinity are something which must not be missed.

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