Top Tourist Places in Karnataka this Festive Season

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Of the many joys that surround Diwali, one is the long weekend that one may avail of if it is close to a Friday or a Monday. More and more Bangaloreans are now heading to the many resorts and scenic locations near the city, ideal for people wanting to get out and get some fresh air and greenery far from the smoke and noise of Diwali crackers. If you are looking for a short vacation this Diwali, here are some destinations to pick from:

  1. Hampi

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Among the important places to visit in Karnataka, just 360 kms from Bangalore is the ancient capital of the erstwhile Vijayanagara Empire, Hampi. A UNESCO World Heritage Site located on the banks of the Tungabhadra river near Hospet town in Karnataka. Hampi can be reached by road or an overnight train or bus journey from Bangalore. It has many structures of historical and aesthetic importance and is a backpacker’s and pilgrim’s paradise.

  • Vittala Temple Complex: the most well-known among the ruins of Hampi with the symbol of Karnataka Tourism, the iconic stone chariot, and the famous musical pillars.
  • BadaviLinga the largest Linga image in Hampi,
  • Hazara Rama Temple Complex: One of the historical places in Karnataka, the ruined temple complex is well known for elaborate frescoes
  • Krishna Temple Complex: an ASI-protected monument, built during the reign of king Krishnadevaraya with a Pushkarani.
  • Virupaksha or Pampavathi temple in the Hampi Bazaar which predates the founding of the Vijayanagaraempire.
  1. Coorg

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260 kilometres from Bangalore city, Coorg, is a district of Karnataka. Famous for trekking, waterfalls and homestays on scenic coffee estates, it is a popular destination among trekkers, tourists and weekend visitors. It has historic places like the Namdroling Monstery, Talacauvery and Madikeri Fort. Trekkers and wildlife enthusiasts enjoy visits to the Nagarhole National Park and waterfalls, while adventure seekers can participate in white water rafting. With some of the best resorts for families, Coorg is a popular holiday destination.

  1. Gokarna

Gokarna which is 520 kms away from Bangalore can be reached by road,or by a train or bus ride. It is a seaside village near Goa and its main attractions are the pristine beaches and temples ideal for tourists who want a lazy weekend.

  1. Mysore

One of the best tourist destinations in Karnataka, Mysore is famous for its Dussera celebrations. Diwali is also celebrated with great fervor, andhotels, the palace and homes around the cityare attractively lit and decorated.

  1. Masinagudi

Masinagudiis a popular camping and trekking destination on the outskirts of the lush greenery of the Mudumalai National Park. Masinagudi resortsare ideal base camps for guided treks, safaris, camping in tents and photography. Masinagudi is just 100 kilometres away from Mysore and homestays in Masinagudi as well as rustic resorts in Masinagudi are popular for short weekend trips.

  1. Kabini

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Those interested in a one day trip in Karnataka can head toKabini. It is located at a distance of 60 kilometres from Mysore and the many resorts in Kabiniare a popular destination among wildlife enthusiasts. Kabini river resorts are well connected to Mysore by road and weekend visitors from Bangalore and Mysore can drive down for picnicking and wildlife watching.|Celebrate Diwali with a difference this year with a quick trip to one of the many destinations which await the eager traveller in Karnataka. Check into a Discovery Village resort to sample the local flavours of Diwali this year.

Paintball The Game

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You must have heard many people ask, “What is paintball?” Well, paintball is a game where you eliminate the opponent by shooting at them with water soluble dye pellets through a paintball gun. It can be played individually or versus a team, either way developing strategic thinking and efficiency by working in challenging environments in the best way possible.

How it all started:

Dating back to the 1960’s Paintball is the brainchild of Charles Nelson, the co-founder of Nelson Paint Company, who came up with the idea of shooting a paintball (pellet) from a gun, when U.S Forestry Service asked the Nelson Paint Company to come up with an efficient way mark trees from a distance.It also became popular among ranchers who could mark their cattle from a distance without hurting them.

This gun caught the attention of Hayes Noel and Charles Gaines years later. One a Wall Street stockbroker and the other a writer by profession, they together came up with the idea of a mock duel between people from different professional backgrounds to see if survival in the woods is possible due to awareness of the surroundings or highly intuitive instincts.Thus, the first paintball game ever played was in June 1981, where 12 people from different professional backgrounds competed against each other where the winner had to capture the flag.

Who made the first Paintball Gun?

The first paintball gun also known as,Marker, was an idea by Charles Nelson. He already had a patented squirt gun that sprayed a jet of paint, but had a limited range so Nelson approached the Crosman Company, which produced the gun named Crosman 707.

Due to poor sales, the production of Crosman 707was halted. Nelson then approached Daisy, an air gun manufacturer, tomanufactured the famous Nel–Spot 007 in 1972. This gun had a greater range.

How Do You Play?

There are several variations on how to play this sportlets look at a couple of them:

  1. Hoist the Flag: The most common type being where two teams compete against each other to get the opponent’s team flag to their own base within a time limit. Here, if any player gets hit by the opponent then they are eliminated from the game and have to leave the arena immediately. Once all the opposite team members are eliminated, one has to get the flag from enemy’s base to their own within the stipulated time to win the game.
  2. Kill them all: Everyone plays for themselves. The last person to survive the game i.e. without being hit by the paintball wins the game

Is it Safe?

The paintballs are made of gelatin with paint infused, so there are rare chances of getting hurt,unless you are hit within 3 meters from the opponent.

This game can be played both, indoors and outdoors, the organizers provide protective gear such as, safety mask, a pair of goggles, coveralls and gloves. The coveralls are usually made of thick material to reduce the blow of the paintball. Wearing thick clothing on the inside can be advantageous.

Where to Play?

If you are looking for best resorts in Banglaore for Family enjoy paintball, then Discovery Village resorts are your best bet, Resorts in Bangalore havetrained and professional instructors, ensure your safety andmake sure that you have a good time with your friends, family, or school mates.Discovery village is also a suitable option if you are looking for corporate team outing resorts in Bangalore for team events with colleagues.

7 Things That Can Ruin Your Travel Plans

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Are you one of the lucky people who are going to resorts in Bangalorefor a one day team outing during this festive season? Or have you planned to be unwinding at the best resorts in Bangalore for family this Diwali?

We’ll help you on your journey to happy vacationing by helping you avoid 7 things that can ruin your travel plans and have a tension free holiday. These travel mistakes might seem minor, but they will make a big difference.

So read on for happy vacationing tips:

  1. Drinking too much fluid

Drinking too much water, juice, beer … basically too many fluids. When you are at home or in your office, you know where the loo is. A holiday takes you to see places, and unfortunately, some of these places may not have a washroom handy. If you load up on fluids, you will end up looking for a bathroom and not at the view over the KabiniRiver. Since the state of the bathroom you visit is not under your control, try to limit your fluid intake.

  1. Allergies

People with food allergies and even those without need to be aware while eating in a group.It is better to ask, “Does this dish have peanuts in it”and avoid it instead of being embarrassed to ask, eating it and then scaring everyone with a visit to the ER. If you are lactose intolerant, ask for tofu based foods, instead of dairy products. If you have reflux or a sensitive stomach, enjoy yourself by loading your plate small teaspoonful’s of everything on the menu – you will enjoy the variety while keeping your stomach happy. Be aware of what you eat, if you present with allergy symptoms like an itchy throat, difficulty breathing or swollen eyes, you may be developing a food allergy, catching it early with a dose of an OTC antihistamine will give you relief and then the party can go on.

  1. Flatulence

  • Avoid gas producing foods if you are prone to flatulence. Beans, Mexican beans, rajma, cruciferous vegetables like cabbage and cauliflower, milk products and high fructose and sucrose containing foods can all set off a bad attack of flatulence.
  • Try stomach calming drinks like lemon juice with black salt, buttermilk and warm water with honey and ginger.
  1. A fussy Baby

Travelling with a wailing baby can really put a crimp in your holiday joy keep these things handy to avoid crying jags which will test the patience of everyone.

  • Favourite foods and toys
  • A lolipop if you are going to higher altitudes
  • regularly used OTC drugs
  • a stroller
  1. Papercuts

The happy anticipation of a downtime can be foiled by things as simple as a papercut, or a bump on your head so be aware of what you are doing and make sure that you maximise your fun potential these holidays.

  1. Be aware of your belongings

Tie a coloured ribbon around your bag, keep your cards, wallets and phones safe in a bag which you can carry comfortably on your person through your trip. Avoid the panic of searching for a lost wallet or hotel room card.

  1. Pack an extra pair of shoes

Make sure you squeeze in a pair of light shoes as a backup so you are not left padding around barefoot if the heels of your favourite stilettoes give away or the soles of your favourite shoes come off.

A holiday can be either the happiest time of your life or a time that you look back on with horror. Keep these simple tips in mindto ensure that your holiday is a happy one.

5 Road Trip Destinations from Bangalore

19 October  |  Adventure & Travel

Are you tired of the monotony of your daily life and want to head out of the city to de-stress? Well if you are an adventure junkie who makes plans within the blink of an eye and are planning to go on a one day trip, then here are 5 destinations you can visit.

  1. Nandi Hills, 60 km from Bangalore

Nandi Hills is a place frequented by adventure enthusiasts and mountain lovers who are passionate about trekking. Bangalore to Nandi Hills is a quick one-and-a-half-hour journey where nature lovers can enjoy sight-seeing and spot several rare birds and plants on their trek. History lovers can check out temples dedicated to Yogi Nandeeshwara, Bhoganandishwaraswamy Temple and Tipu Sultans Summer Palace. You can also check out ‘Tippu’s Drop’ where he punished traitors and prisoners by pushing them off the cliff. Check into the Discovery Villageresort in Nandi hills to experience all this and more in comfort.

Trekking along the beautiful AmruthSarovarLake is also a popular activity. Paragliding and cycling are common draws done here.

  1. Kabini River, 209 km from Bangalore

Image Courtesy: wikimedia

Immerse yourself in lush greenery and tranquil ambience, the forest around Kabini is home to many exotic and endangered animals and birds. The forest here shelters leopards, tigers, antelopes, crocodiles, cobras, pythons and elephants.Resorts in Kabiniare picturesque locations where you can relaxin the lap of nature

The primary activity here is spotting wild animals in their natural habitat. Activities like Safari, river cruise via motorboats and paddleboats can be opted for to explore the forest. Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary can be a good experience where you can see wild boars, sambar, elephants and spotted deer in herds.

  1. Ooty, 266 km from Bangalore

A perfect place to relax your mind and awaken the adventure enthusiast in you, Ooty offers the perfect weather and stunning views with an ‘Old World Charm’ that will change your mood in no time. You can enjoy the spectacular scenic route aboard theNilgiri’s toy train ride to Conoor, or enjoy mountain biking, hand gliding, fishing, trekking and hiking. Trek to Doddabetta peak and Pykarriver is extremely popular here.

  1. Skandagiri, 70 km from Bangalore

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Famous for its night treks, Skandagiri is where you can ‘walk above the clouds,’ not literally, but you can experience the clouds extremely close to you. You can visit the dismantled fortress of Tipu Sultan built for fighting against the British Raj and also the remains of an ancient abandoned temple.

It overlooks Nandi Hills and is a few kilometers away from it. The views are spectacular, morning treks are pleasant and seeing the sun-rise is a memorable experience.

  1. Kanakapura, 62km from Bangalore

Image Source: trip2blr

Almost one and a half hours away from Bangalore, you can visit this beautiful city, famous for its silk and granite. Trekking to BananthimariBetta for bird – watching and forest trek is a must for wildlife enthusiasts.

If the above mentioned destinations are not something that interests you, then homestays in Masinagudi with the Mudumalai forests looming in the background with great diversity and flora and fauna could be another option for you to explore and head out of the city for a good time.

Happy travelling!

Helpful Tips To Travel With Your Kids

11 October  |  Listicles

Are you going on a holiday to one of the best resorts in Bangalorefor family or are you planning to stay at a resort in Nandi hills this festive season? Are your little bundles of joy included in these travel plans? Read on for travel tips that will help you have fun and nothing more as you travel with kids during the holiday.

  • Make bookings for accommodation and travel beforehand: Does the thought of walking around from one fully booked hotel to another wheeling a suitcase while pacifying a crying toddler give you a headache? Book accommodations and transportation ahead, it will be less expensive and more mentally relaxing to know where you are staying. If haggling with cab and taxi drivers at the station is not your thing, ask the hotel to pick you up at your station/ airport.
  • Plan the details:If day trips are scheduled, go the evening before and plan out the stops, mode of transportation and food available with the help of a local guide.
  • Have entertainment handy:Have a list of games you can play during long rides. Games that keep the children interested in the surroundings, like spot the cow, count the car numbers will help them observe while keeping that dreaded question, “Are we there yet?”at bay.
  • Do not overschedule: Your enthusiasm for visits to museums, textile factories and shopping expeditions might not be shared by your offspring. Unless you are blessed with very good children plan for a visit to a petting zoo, a farm visit with animal rides and a park will ensure that they stay interested during visits to natural history museums and palaces.
  • Be prepared: Traveling with an infant or even older child is never uneventful, and assuming that a child will stay healthy through a sojourn in unfamiliar places is unwise. Be prepared, carry along with you
    • all your commonly used medicines
    • a first aid kit and the
    • The number of your paediatrician to consult if a medical emergency should occur.
    • Do not hesitate to ask the hotel management or locals for the contact numbers of a reputed local doctor if needed.
  • Make conservative meal choices: Stay wary of unfamiliar foods, especially if a food group is known to trigger an allergic reaction in adults. It is better to try out the food on the adults in the group, and then allow the children to try it after the experimentation is uneventful.
  • Take the playroom along: Keeping children occupied during holidays can make the difference between a crying and irritable child who is getting on your nerves and a sweet angel who smiles in family photos. Bring small toys, board games, soft toys for sleep times. Negotiate beforehand so that the biggest soft toy is not a part of your entourage.
  • Pick a place with engaging facilities: Try to stay at resorts or hotels that have swimming pools, dedicated activity facilities, indoor game spaces, a small park, or a few domestic animals. These will keep their attention for a long time.
  • Give the kids a camera and a journal notebook: If possible give them a polaroid which gives instant prints. Evenings can be spent collating the photos and reminiscing. Writing a journal will help them develop their language skills, even if initially they just write captions for each of the moments in that day that were amazing or interesting for them, they may learn to express themselves better over time.This will also keep the family talking among themselves and enjoying the various aspects of their holiday while they stay away from the idiot box.

Teach your children to appreciate the allure of travel with these simple trips instead of sacrificing your wanderlust to their lack of enthusiasm and enjoy many rewarding vacations. If you live in Bangalore and do not have the time (or courage) to venture far from home, visit one of the many resorts in Bangalorefor a vacation your children are sure to love.

How to Celebrate a Green Diwali

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Green Diwali is a return to the festivities that too place when Lord Rama returned to his kingdom, Ayodhya, along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman after 14 years of exile.Houses were decorated with rangoli, diya’s were lit in all corners of the house and people celebrated this festival of lights by greeting each other with love and enthusiasm.

Through the years the nature of celebrations saw a change with loud crackers and toxic smoke taking over from the spirit of prayer and joy. With increasing consciousness this is now set to change, with more and more Indians advocating a green Diwali.

Crack it thoughtfully

Every year tonnes of crackers are burst in India alone. The heavy smog produced as a result of this is harmful to our respiratory system. It’s equivalent to inhaling poison! Before lighting a cracker, let’s be considerate about the future of our planet and think how a few seconds of thrill can damage our health.

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There are several ways to celebrate this festival without polluting our surroundings and causing damage to our health.

  1. Bonfire with dry leaves, grass and twigs or Eco-friendly crackers that are made from recycled paper:Light up a bonfire with naturally available resources and gather all your loved ones for a time ofgames and activities. You can also burst eco-friendly crackerswhich have a lowchemical content asthey emit less smoke.
  2. Go Earthy: Diyaslend a traditional and earthy touch to your decor. The flickering lights of the diya add an aesthetic appeal to the house.
  3. Upcycled décor: Sarees and dupatta’s can be remodelled and used creatively to decorate the house. Kid’s craft materials can be used as Diwali decoration to beautify different corners of the house, like, doors and wall hangings or in prayer rooms. This will give the festival a green tinge by reusing everyday items in innovative ways to create beautiful products.
  4. Biodegradable rangoli: Rangoli in ancient times were created with edible materials that could be consumed by the birds. Instead of using harmful colours that can be quite tedious to remove, let’s mix add beauty with acts of good deed by using rice powder, millets, pulse, dried chilly and cardamom to substitute the colours.Also, south Indian kolam and Bengali alpana, made with rice paste, are great options. This is 100% recyclable.
  5. Green Gifts:Best Diwali gifts are those that are shared with love and consideration. Gift your loved ones with flowers, recycled clay lamps and other decoratives. Turn old liquor bottles into traditional lamp shades. Another thoughtful Diwali gift would be gifting a plant. It shows that you care for the planet. Different plants and flowers when gifted signify different meanings.

Since Diwali is all about celebrating and sharing happiness, spread your love to those who don’t have anyone to share the joy with. Visit old age homes, orphanages and those who are away from their family gift them memories.To make the most of your break, you could even go on a short vacation to one of the Discovery Village resorts for a much-needed break.

Let’s revisit how Diwali (read eco-friendly Diwali) was actually celebrated and spread the knowledge to those around us.

Vacationing during Diwali this year Here’s how to celebrate

05 October  |  Listicles

Flowers, sweets, the whiff of incense and the glow of sparklers are all the heartwarming memories and impressions associated with Diwali. A festival which focusses on home and hearth, it is usually preceded by spring cleaning in households across India. However, if this is the only time you have got in an otherwise busy work schedule, Diwali is a great time for a vacation too! If you live in Bangalore, take advantage of the brief break and head to one if the Discovery village resorts in the city’s backyard to celebrate the festival of light in nature’s lap.

We have some tips on how to celebrate Diwali for those who want to take a break away from home and relax without the cares and responsibilities of home while enjoying all the cheer of the festival.

  1. Carry your festive clothes with you

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Planning and time management is the key here. Don’t shop or plan to pick up your clothes from the tailor on the day or the day before you are leaving. Take festive clothes that are practical for travel, do not take up too much space, and do not need to be ironed before wearing.

  1. Pack your favourite sweets in air tight boxes

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Worried that your Diwali special Motichurladdoos will be unavailable at your destination? Carry them along with you. Pack the special food items that are particularly evocative of the festival in air tight boxes so that you can welcome the day with all your Diwali staples, even while enjoying yourself at a hotel.

  1. Pack your Tech- so you can call loved ones and wish them on D-day

Even if you want to get away from it all, carry a phone and a charger, enter the numbers of all your loved ones so that you can call and wish them on Diwali. A laptop or smartphone which let you place a video call can add extra warmth to Diwali wishes by adding a hint of personalization.

  1. Rest well before your trip so you look fresh in your festive vacation pics

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While most of us might have to work until the last minute so that we can take an unhindered break during the festival, it helps to sleep well the day before you travel.Your beauty sleep is the key to memorable holiday pics where your face is bright. Well not as bright as Diwali crackers, but almost getting there. Catching a few z’s as you travel is a great option too!

  1. Carry eco-friendly Diyas that you can light up at the resort/hotel

Image Source: imimg

Don’t miss the traditional lighting of lamps even when you are away from home, carry candles and diyas which you can light at your verandah or room window. If hotel regulations do not permit you to use fire, add the twinkle of LED diyas to your room or visit a local temple and light all the lamps that you want.

Remember why you took a holiday away from home and don’t forget the little details. The spirit of Diwali is important and if you feel the spirit by lying on a bed in the comfort of a hotel room? You’re defeating the evil of exhaustion with the good of sleep.

Rainwater Harvesting DVs Responsible Tourism

05 October  |  At Discovery Village


what is Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is a process of collecting rainwater from various man-made hard surfaces like rooftops. This water is then stored and reused for several other purposes like irrigation, livestock or watering gardens.When treated using different purification methods, it can also be used as drinking water.Rainwater systems come in all shapes and sizes and most systems are comprised of the same basic components

Why should we do rain water harvesting

With monsoon rainfall decreasing every year, we are bound to face serious water crisis that can exhaust all the quintessential natural resources that we are gifted with and lessen the chances of having a healthy ecosystem for our future generations.

Every year, different regions in India are hit by drought,and people struggle to get water for basic needs like drinking and cooking. Rather than solely relying on government for passing laws for water conservation, we as individuals can make a big difference by taking measures for rainwater harvesting.

Advantages of rainwater harvesting


  1. Augments ground water table when used to recharge ground water.
  2. Diminishes rapid decline of groundwater as its dependency decreases when water from rainwater harvesting is used for miscellaneous purposes.
  3. Reduces soil erosion due to water runoff during monsoon as water is collected, and thereby the intensity of water flow is reduced right from the time it touches the ground.
  4. Helps in inculcating a water conservative mind since people gain more knowledge on how they can source water and utilize it efficiently based on their nature of usage.

Discovery Village is into Responsible Tourism of Rainwater Harvesting as a Resort.

Discovery Village believes in promoting an environment-friendly culture, one of the steps to achieve this being rainwater harvesting. By ensuring that rainwater is harvested on campus and utilised as efficiently as possible, DV manages to reduce dependency on local water supplies.

Rooftop rainwater harvesting in the resorts allows Discovery Village to collect and store rainwater, which is then used for multiple purposes.

Through this, the resorts aim to send the message that fun combined with eco-friendly conservative measures is possible. Being conscious and taking care of what we are already gifted with can have a significant positive impact on nature.

Discovery Village believes that sustainable practices can influence visitors so that they can have more interesting stories to share! Fun filled stories in line with eco-friendly measures that can inspire everyone to change the world and make it a better place to live in!

A lot of water is wasted in maintaining a swimming pool, be it in refilling it or cleaning the pool, where a lot of water is gushed down the drain. Discovery Village tries to minimize this by adopting sustainable practices where as a part of their Responsible Tourism motto they even maintain swimming pool water efficiently, by cleaning the water and re-using it again.

Still wondering why rainwater harvesting is important? Visit Discovery Village resortsnow to experience what luxury and responsible tourism feel like!

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