2017 a calendar year to travel – with recommendations

25 January  |  Miscellaneous


One look at your calendar for the year 2017 should take all your workday worries away. Flush with long weekends, this is the perfect year to set out to travel the world!

14th – 15th and 26th -29th

With crowds emptying, airfare getting cheap, and many places around the globe still enjoying beautiful weather, January is the perfect time for a trip. The weather is near perfect in places such as Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Bali. A quick visit to the Dubai Shopping Festival, which goes on until the 28th, is also a good idea.

If international travel is not what you’re looking for in this month, how about catching the Camel Festival in Bikaner, Rajasthan or a short trip to the picturesque village of Fatehpur Sikri. Down south, you could plan a quick getaway in one of the Bandipur resorts or the resorts in Masinagudi. A trip to a homestay in Masinagudi promises a memorable experience too.

24th – 26th

This long weekend is perfect to head to Agra for the Taj Mahotsav

11th – 13th (Holi) and 25th- 28th (Ugadi)

Going up to Rishikesh for some white water rafting and the yoga festival is a wonderful way of spending the long weekends of this month. Alternatively, you could head down to Sri Lanka for some surfing lessons which would be a dream in the near perfect weather conditions March brings.

1st – 4th (Ram Navami), 13th – 16th (includes Baisakhi, Good Friday, Easter) and 29th- 1st (May day)

With three weekends to choose from, this month is perfect to let loose and head out. Visit the city of the Golden Temple, Amritsar for Baisakhi, or Mahabaleshwar for the strawberry festival. If International destinations are what you are looking for, Tokyo beckons with its cherry blossoms and motorcycle lovers may head to Phuket for the bike week and festival.

24th – 26th (Ramzan Eid)

This month is a good time to head to Hyderabad for an authentic Ramzan experience. If you would rather go on an adventure holiday, head to Dharamsala for a weekend of trekking and camping.

12th – 20th (includes Janmashtami, Independence Day, Parsi New Year and two days of leave) and 25th – 27th (Ganesh Chaturthi)

With the long holiday offered in August, international trips are a must-do. Heading to Tanzania for a nature holiday or to Wales for un-crowded beaches and white sand, or to Salzburg for the Salzburg festival is a perfect way to celebrate this extended holiday smack right in the middle of the year. However if you want to keep the trip closer to home, a weeks’ trek of Ladakh or heading up to Coonoor for cheese making make for an ideal vacation itinerary.


29th – 2nd October (Includes Ayudha Puja, Vijaya Dashmi and Gandhi Jayanthi)

Add a few days leave, and head to Bhutan for the Thimpu festival or down south to Snorkel at Andaman and Nicobar. September offers the perfect opportunity for a quick stress-busting holiday.

5th – 8th (includes Valmiki Jayanthi and one day leave) and 14th – 22nd (includes Dhanteras, Diwali, Bhai Dooj and two days leave.)

Munich for Oktober fest should be at the top of any holiday planned for this month. Going down to Sydney for some relaxing summer beach time, or to New York to experience The Fall is also a great option.

Closer to home, this season is perfect to head up to Gangtok for unobstructed views of Kanchenjunga, or to Rajasthan for an authentic Diwali experience.


Image Source – sreestours.com

1st -3rd (Eid-E-Milad) and 23rd- 25th (Christmas)

Nagaland comes to life in December for the hornbill festival. Experience the unique food and unspoilt beauty of Nagaland, or head to Manali for a quick picturesque family get-away. However, the top pick of the season is Goa which beckons with beach parties and a plethora of other peak time activities.

End the year in style at Lakshadweep or Maldives

If due to other factors, you can’t get yourself to plan out these trips, a quick trip to Nandi Hills Bangalore will provide for some much-needed fresh air and much needed break from the stress of day to day life.

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