10 Team Building Activities Your Employees Will Love

04 November  |  Listicles

Every employer will agree on one thing: team building activities is ideal to boost company morale. The increased camaraderie mitigates any strife within the team, making them a better-oiled machine.  Sometimes, however, employers don’t know which activity would be best suited for their team. Have no fear! We have put together a list just for such employers:



A competitive team based game, paintball, requires you to make sure every person on the other team has been marked. This has to be done while ensuring the number of your teammates marked is minimal. The game cultivates team spirit, strategized thinking and trust within the team in a fun way!

A Frame

A-Frame requires some props but is an inexpensive way to enhance communication between a team. The task of building the frame cannot be completed without everyone being on board and doing their bit. Almost a microcosm to a real company!



Who doesn’t love cricket? A game that can be played by varied aged team, cricket is a sure way of ensuring of culminating into some lasting team spirit. There’s a reason it is such a big hit in so many corporate retreats these days!


Twister is a super fun activity that gets everyone energized immediately. It induces laughter and makes sure that the mood of the room is light and open. It’s a quick game that has few people playing but everyone engaged.

Bull Ring

Bull ring is a simple game that requires a team to move a ball from one place to another with a ring and some rope. Without clear communication and cooperation, the objective of this game would remain incomplete. Not time consuming nor expensive, managers/employers around the world love this activity!

Rope Course Challenge


This challenge requires a set up that involves the person taking the challenge to do a series of tasks that involve ropes. It could be walking a bridge of ropes or a ladder or only ropes to reach the other elements of the course. It is a challenging task, designed to inspire risk taking and overcoming of fears.

Blind Square

The objective of the game is to make a perfect square with the rope provided. The team is blindfolded and have to cooperate with each other to make a perfect square. This is an excellent game for team work and trust. Without good communication as well, the team would fail miserably as well!

Block Game


The block game requires different pieces of blocks and silence. The objective of the game is to understand other members of the team without talking. It deepens the relationships between the team by allowing each member to appreciate other’s perspectives.

Big Foot

This activity requires a prop that are two huge cutouts of feet. Multiple members get onto those feet and try and walk while building coordination, communication and team work. Races are fun with the big feet as well!

Cross over

A fun game that requires teams to be on two ends of a space. The objective is for the whole team to cross over to the other side by switching partners. Strategy and team cooperation is cultivated with some physical movement to loosen up those stiff muscles!

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