10 Survival Tips and Hacks for travellers

29 March  |  Listicles

Being resourceful and innovative on a trip can be very rewarding. Sometimes simple life hacks can be applied on the road to ensure you a better experience travelling experience and huge costs savings. Here are some useful tips for your next journey.

  1. Watch those Cookies

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Delete your browser history or enable private browsing because your favourite travel website may be tracking your searches. That reduces the possibility of customised pricing. Hint: It is never cheaper than the regular rate.

  1. Ditch the Package

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Package trips involve more facilitators so keep in mind that a lot of people need to make a profit. Homestays and smaller guest houses have made considerable improvements in service in recent years, and amenities like WiFi and complimentary breakfasts are now industry standards. Connect directly with homestay owners for a booking and give yourself the chance to completely immerse yourself in the culture of the place you visit. Many resorts provide direct information and are easy to reach. Bypass your travel agent, do some extra research, save money and have an uncompromised experience.

  1. Roll not Fold

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Roll those clothes and create more space in your luggage. This time attested trick will save you the trouble of lugging around multiple bags if you use it wisely. If you are carrying extra shoes, stuff socks and underwear in them – this way you preserve their shape and also utilise that space.

  1. Go for More Pockets

Keep luggage light with this basic step. If your travels take you to chilly climes, then a jacket with multiple and deep pockets comes in very handy. For warmer areas, cargo shorts with multiple pockets are wonderful. Buy a travel centric backpack, and you are ready to explore without lugging around too much baggage.

  1. Upload your Documents

Use this simple piece of tech to keep yourself ready for a worst case scenario. Store scanned copies of your important IDs and documents on a cloud platform so in case you lose your physical copies you can always reproduce them. If feasible, upload your pictures in the cloud as you take them.

  1. Update your Vocabulary

As a traveller, the best way experiences in new locations start, is with a conversation with locals. Learn some basic vocabulary of the place you are visiting. This also helps in negotiating tricky scenarios or situations where the people of the place do not know the languages you normally converse in.

  1. Hydration Hack One

Purifying bottles are the rage nowadays and rightly so. Imagine being able to pour regular tap water into a specialised water bottle and sipping it without any fear of the repercussions. Companies like Lifestraw and Eureka Forbes have purifying bottles that also help you reduce the amount of plastic footprint when you travel.

  1. Hydration Hack Two

ORS is a saviour. Carry packets of oral rehydration salts with you and do not wait till you are sick to have them. Especially useful for trips to hot places, regularly sipping on ORS infused water will keep your body salts balanced and prevent the horrible symptoms of dehydration.

  1. Cash in Many Places

Do not keep all your cards and cash in one place. In a worst case scenario where you lose a wallet or a bag, you should always have the backup option ready.

  1. Other Travel Specials

Keep multipurpose knives handy especially if you are a backpacker. You never know when you need to improvise to open a can of food or fix loose strings on your bag. Carry a power bank for the phone because there may be times when the nearest wall with a socket might be a little far.

These are a very few of the many hacks that are useful in travel. Always keep an eye on unnecessary expenditures and remember to also welcome carefree and spontaneous experiences when you are on the road. As you explore this beautiful world, stick to one mantra – be safe, be prepared and don’t be paranoid.


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