10 Must-Have Travel Apps in India

21 December  |  Listicles

In the age of smartphones, all you need to get something done is an app that’s made for the task. Starting from ticket booking to finding a restaurant or business anywhere on the globe, there is an app you can find for everything. With information at your fingertips, there is little chance that you will lose your way with a smartphone at hand. There are hundreds of apps available on the Android and Apple markets. We’ve collated 10 of the best travel apps handpicked from the lot.



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TripAdvisor is a must-have app, with over 50 million user-generated reviews for thousands of hotels. With a clean format optimized for mobiles, it also incorporates a tool to find low airfares, among other things. You can also query for information on the TripAdvisor forum.

Google Maps


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Google Maps is the app of choice for navigation, and regardless of whether you’re walking, driving, riding a bicycle or using public transport, its direction feature helps you find your way to wherever you want to go. With crowd-sourced traffic date being included in maps now, you can also receive free and accurate traffic updates. Don’t leave home without it.



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RedBus is the preferred application in India for bus booking and related information for over 67,000 routes from around 1800 operators. Features include live bus tracking and one-tap ticket cancellation. Since buses are a widely used and common mode of transport in the country, this app is invaluable for travelers.

IRCTC Connect


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The app is designed to search and book train tickets across the country. It features alerts and journey details, and lets you check details of recently added passengers, which is very convenient to keep track of seats and so on.



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Skype is an alternative to calling and can help save costs such as roaming charges. Videos calls also make more sense when you are traveling to beautiful locations.



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As one of the most popular travel portals, Make My Trip has its own app as well. Apart from booking flight and bus tickets and finding packages, the app provides information about several heritage destinations in India, along with photographs.

Weather Pro


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India is a country with vast variations in topography, and it makes sense to include an app in the list that helps you stay updated with the weather. It’s useful to know the changes in weather when you are traversing across a humid region in North India, cyclone-prone areas like southeast, or in a location with heavy rainfall such as the north-eastern states.



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Cleartrip is another popular web portal-turned-app that helps you get the best prices for accommodation, bus fare, etc., and makes the online booking process simpler and easier. You can avail special discounts on the app as well.



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TripIt is a journey planning tool that creates itineraries for you based on your travel confirmation info. The app has functions like a personal travel organizer that syncs data to your calendar and maps. You can get directions, maps, and weather for each destination on the itinerary.

Google Translate


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This is an invaluable tool in a country like ours where more than 1000 languages are spoken across the country, amid many more. It instantly translates from one major language to another, and the text can either be read or heard as audio.

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