10 Must Things to Pack While Travelling

21 December  |  Listicles


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Travel light and safe, but always remember to take basic essentials from home. While the world is a more globalized place and almost all the places we holiday in have the basic requirements at convenient distances, it is always safer to carry things we need on a daily basis, even on vacations. Make a list of things as and when you remember them and turn them into a checklist for your next trip. Here are the 10 essentials that are  must while traveling:

Travel towel

Irrespective of whether you stay in a luxurious hotel or a cosy Airbnb, always carry a light towel for beaches, pool or public baths. A towel made of synthetic microfiber would be the best since they are easy to pack and dry.


This is an essential when you are on a trekking or hiking trip, but just as crucial for any other vacation as you would be traveling to unknown and remote locale. Besides, we all have learned the hard way that our phones fail us at the most crucial times.


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Power Adapters

When travelling abroad, do not forget to carry a power adapter to charge your electronic gadgets since the charging points vary in different countries and you will constantly need your smartphones and laptops.

Medicine and First Aid

Everywhere you go, the basic stores will have medical units but remember to carry medicines that suit your system, especially ones that you need regularly. Also, injuries are unpredictable; be equipped with a basic first-aid kit that can come to the rescue during emergencies.


While its preferred by book lovers to stick to old-school physical copies of a book, you’ll need to pack light and carry an e-reader for travelling. This gives you the freedom to read a number of books without worrying about the additional weight.


In order to carry damp or dirty clothes, food for travel or expensive accessories, zip-lock bags are the best and are very easy and light to pack in your luggage. Carry a few in case you fall short during the trip.


If you are traveling at any time except for the winters, carry a light jacket or overall for chilly nights, or if you fall sick over the holidays. This will also be helpful in long flights or airport waits.


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Comfortable Walking Shoes

Most travels involve lots of walking and exploring. While your heels and flats are fashionable, keep a comfortable pair of walking shoes for days that involve sightseeing or travelling outside of cities and hiking.

Travel Journal

Carry a tiny diary and pen with you to note things that you see and experience. Make it a point to write once every day about your journey. The best way to capture an experience is in words rather than in pictures.

Dry Food and Water

While you may have planned your vacation to the detail, there’s no predicting what might suddenly go off-track. Be prepared to find yourself at a spot away from shops and restaurants – carry some dry snacks and enough water to quench your hunger and thirst.

While these items are essential addition, remember to carry basics like extra undergarments, toiletries, passport, visa and identity proofs. Always carry a backup battery for your smartphone and laptop. Purchase maps and guide books when you reach, to guide the explorer in you.

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