10 Best gifts for travel junkies

14 February  |  Listicles

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Do you know someone who loves to travel? They may have seen so much of the world that getting a gift for them can be a hard task. But worry no more! We have put together a list of some of the best gifts that you get your travel-junkie bestie.

  1. Snore-cancelling Headphones: A significant portion of travelling involves being in enclosed spaces with other travellers – whether it is a bus, a train, flight or any other mode of transport. A pair of noise-cancelling headphones makes the perfect gift for the friend who just needs some peace and quiet to nod off.
  2. Passport Protector: Some of the best passport holders come with pouches for your boarding pass and passport and a pen-holder for all the immigration forms and ticketing information that you need to fill out. Pick out a unique design that makes the passport easy to identify in the mess of all the rest of the luggage!
  3. Portable Pillow: Your travel junkie friend will be forever grateful for the most comfortable pillow in the world that allows them to rest whenever and wherever possible. Find a pillow that suits their needs (like the Nap Anywhere portable pillow) which fashions itself into a headrest with virtually any support option available.
  4. Travel Journal: The best parts of an incredible journey are the memories that you come back with. A travel journal is one of the best gifts for travellers. Find a book that allows writing, sticking pictures, ticket stubs and more, and is small and compact enough to be carried around in a daily-use tote bag.
  5. Portable Speakers: Who doesn’t love a soundtrack playing in the background when you are having fun? A portable speaker will give your travel junkie friend the chance to have a soundtrack to every adventure they take, and they will love you even more for the brilliant idea!
  6. Travel Bag: A backpack is a must-have for any traveller. It must be big enough to carry all the essentials and small enough so that it can be cabin baggage and fit wherever it needs to go. Finding the right one can take some time and search, but it is a great gift to give!
  7. An Adapter: While this may seem like a small one, your travelling friend will thank you profusely for this little gift which can be a life-saver in many situations. With so many countries and so many different power sockets, a universal adapter can be just what they’ve been missing all these years.

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  8. Travel Organizer: Here’s a gift that your bestie may not have yet. A travel organizer will help keep clothes, shoes, socks, and more in place within your luggage. The best part is that there are compartments for even detergent and other essentials that most travellers forget to carry along!
  9. Travel Iron: Iron out those pesky creases that seem to turn up even when you press your clothes before packing them- a travel-iron will sort out all a travellers ironing-needs. Just use a bed as the board!
  10. Luggage Scale: For the friend who always overpacks, a digital luggage scale will help them measure the weight of their luggage as they pack, so they’re never struggling with those excess-baggage fees.

A travel junkie may have trinkets from all over the world, but what he or she needs is something which brings the comforts of home to their frequent trips. Personalize your gift with a personal message, and give them a gift they are sure to treasure.

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