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about us

Discovery Village is an eco-conscious space designed for experiential learning and innovative team-building activities.
"Be a gentle friend to trees and they will give you back beauty, cool and fragrant shade, and many birds, singing." - J Lubbuck

Rediscovering nature and reinforcing her importance and impact on human kind is the mission and goal of Discovery Village. We believe in the healing touch that nature brings about with her and are determined to introduce this to our guests. The all rounded development, mentally and physically, brought about by lush green surroundings, tranquility and fresh air are elements we are treating our guests to.

Discovery Village was founded by P.M. Prakash along with his son Prashanth Prakash and daughter-in-law, Amitha Prashanth in 2005. It was started with the vision of bringing back the lost magic and healing touch that nature extends towards mankind. Enjoy a refreshing get away packed with activities that will lift your spirits and reunite you with your inner energy and spirit.

Discovery Village offers different packages to suit your needs; Corporate packages, School Packages and Family Packages. We have fun filled activities planned for your perfect getaway from your busy, work dominated lives. The purpose of this sprawling 7 acre getaway just off Kanakapura road, is to offer people the much needed weekend getaway from the monotony of their daily routine. Discovery Village is open to all schools looking at teaching from a different perspective. The place isn't open to individual families but is made available for large family get together, for groups with more than 50 members. It is also open for corporate bookings. We have a 24 hour security arrangement for your safety. Enjoy our unparalleled services, food, activities and return to your lives rejuvenated and with a fresh attitude.

The Founders

Mr. P.M. Prakash, a mechanical engineer with 40 years experience as an employee in S.V Swami Industries in Bangalore, India which offers complete marketing solutions in the Laser Engraving & Cutting, CNC Engraving & Routing and more is one of the founders of Discovery Village. He infuses the project with his zeal and passion for quality service and healthy lifestyle. Learn more about his inventions and contributions.

Mrs. Amitha Prashanth is a graduate from Bangalore University who majored in Child Psychology and also boasts of a diploma in Business Management. She has also received her Montessori training under Mrs. Meenakshi Shivaramakrishnan, Secretary General of the Indian Montessori Center. After completing her course she started Prayag , envisioning a place where children are endowed with the nurturing and care they deserve. She also is part of the running of Discovery Village and is associated with the Sikshana Foundation.